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By adding 2 days  to the 3 day Flush gives your body a chance to go to go into a deeper cleanse and begin to heal. Days 4 & 5 are when you really start to feel the benefits. Afterday 3 your digestion will switch off, you will no longer feel hungry and will be able to go into a deeper cleanse. It is ideal for anyone who is feeling sluggish, suffers from brain fog, inflammation and bloating, or who needs to heal their body. By the end of the 5 days you will feel lighter, have a brighter complexion, be clear headed, will have given your liver and digestion a rest, broken free from your addictions to sugar and caffeine, and have reset your taste-buds to crave healthier foods. 😊

5 DAY RESET Cleanse

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    For 5 days you will eliminate all new toxins coming in so that your body can empty and start flushing out the stored toxins in your tissues. In addition, to aid your body in this process you will only be consuming high density pure natural living nutrition from fruit and vegetable juices & smoothies, which contain powerful plant compounds, phytonutrients, and all the vitamins, minerals and living enzymes required, to support your body through this process so that it can work at its best.

    You will be having 5 juices/smoothies and a vitality shot each day, plus a breakfast juice on Day 4, and will be given a cleansing guide, support/advice from Sarah throughout the 3 days, and pre & post cleanse guidance.


    You can start your cleanse on a Monday or Thursday.
    You will need to be available to pick up your fresh juice box each morning from PlantShack in Altea. 

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Whatsapp: 665 329 996

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